One-eyed cat who survived 16 days on streets after being hit by a bus looking for home

A “miracle” cat with one eye who survived alone for 16 days after being hit by a bus is looking for her forever home.

Trudie, a tortoiseshell, suffered catastrophic head injuries when she was hit by a bus in Luton, Beds. in March.

Witnesses tried to help the stray cat, but she ran away and wasn’t seen for 16 days.

After five months, the “cheeky, affectionate and playful” moggy is now ready for adoption.

RSPCA animal care assistant Amy Hearne and volunteer Katie Duncan, who both work at RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire, made it their mission to track down the unfortunate pet.

They put up posters, issued social media appeals, contacted local vets and charities, dropped off leaflets at home and businesses in the area, and worked with Cat Welfare Luton to track her down.

Trudie was finally spotted on March 30 by a local business owner who contacted the RSPCA.

She was rushed to a local vet for life-saving treatment – including the removal of her eye.

Amy said: “Her facial injuries had left her unable to eat so she was weak and exhausted and must have been in so much pain.

“She spent a week at the vets where she had life-saving surgery to remove her eye and wire her jaw back together. I can’t believe she’d survived as long as she had – she’s a little fighter.”

Trudie was fed via a tube for the first week and moved to Southridge’s cattery.

She was given round-the-clock care and managed to pull through the ordeal.

Amy added: “Trudie is a miracle so we gave her a very special name – Trudie, after St Gertrude the Patron Saint of Cats.

“We’ve spent months helping Trudie to recover and build up her strength and we’ve all fallen in love with her.

“She’s such a character and will bring so much joy to the right family. She’s still a youngster and absolutely loves to play but is also a real cuddle-bug and will curl up on your lap within seconds of you sitting down.

“She loves mealtimes – which isn’t surprising given everything she’s been through – and is very chatty.

“She’ll certainly let you know when she’s hungry. She may be a tiny cat but she has a big personality.”

The moggy is now searching for a forever home – preferably away from the dangers of a busy road.

Staff are hoping to secure Trudie a rural home where she can enjoy access to a private, safe garden with plenty of space to explore.

They would prefer her to be the only cat in a dog-free home, but can go to a family with children aged eight or over.

Mona Jorgensen, Southridge deputy manager, said: “Trudie lost one of her eyes in the accident so she needs a home where she’ll be safe.

“She is nervous around traffic and finds the sound of vehicles passing quite frightening so that’s why we’d like to find her a quiet, rural home where she’ll be able to enjoy the peace.

“After everything this little miracle has been through, and overcome, we can’t wait to see her go off to a wonderful new home to live out her life being loved and spoiled.”